Seychelles local Tourism Trade Partners encouraged to provide preferential terms to tourists from China

Subsequent to the recent outbreak of Novel Coronavirus, Wuhan, China, the Ministry for Tourism and the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) would like to urge its local partners to consider advising all clients from China who were planning to visit Seychelles for the next coming months to withdraw their bookings until the outbreak is brought under control.

Local partners are encouraged to apply special consideration for Chinese nationals and others who have travelled to China in last 14 days who were planning to visit Seychelles for the next coming months by allowing these clients to withdraw or push their bookings.

The Ministry and STB’s recommendation presents itself to complement Public Health measures to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus into Seychelles.

The declaration further follows an earlier communication from the Chinese Association of Travel Services to the Local Destination Management Companies in Seychelles regarding the Chinese government advice for citizens to refrain from travelling requesting that Chinese tourists be not penalised as a result of the sudden epidemic.

The collaboration of local partners including hotel service providers and other destination service providers is being requested to provide Chinese and other clients from China who have booked a holiday in Seychelles for the coming months with preferential terms and special policies for refunds, removal of charges in cancellation fees, extension for travels until a later date.

The Ministry for Tourism and STB are maintaining liaison with the respective airline partners, the local health authority and relevant overseas health authorities to closely monitor the situation for risk assessment.

Firm Measures taken to ensure the prevention of Wuhan Flu (Novel Coronavirus) in Seychelles

The Public Health Authority has reported that there are no cases of the Wuhan Flu (Novel Coronavirus) in Seychelles.

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) with the collaboration of the Ministry for Tourism guarantees that safety procedures have been put in place by the Public Health Authority for the prevention of the spread of the Wuhan Flu (Novel Coronavirus) in Seychelles.

As of Monday January 20, 2020, the Public Health Authority has intensified its border control measures at the two points of entry including Seychelles International Airport at Pointe Larue and the Seychelles Port in Victoria.

Surveillance is being conducted at the airport and seaport through temperature and symptomatic scanning. Particular attention is being paid to all passengers coming from china. Protocols for handling and managing suspected cases have been established.

Visitors and residents travelling to Seychelles are requested to remain cautious during transits to avoid any possible transmission of the novel coronavirus infection.

The STB and the Ministry for Tourism are maintaining liaison with the respective airline partners and relevant overseas health authorities to closely monitor the situation for risk assessment.

Seychelles Tourism Board launches Expression of Interest for Destination Representation for three key markets.

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) invites reputable Destination and PR companies to submit interest to act as its Representatives in India, the Middle East and Russia (covering also the CIS and Eastern Europe).

The appointed company will share STB’s vision of marketing and promoting the Seychelles, as the preferred tourist destination. The companies/applicants will undertake marketing activities including, but not be limited to; trade relationships - negotiating and managing collaborative marketing campaigns with key distribution and other industry partners; training in destination awareness for wholesalers and retailers; Consumer marketing - this includes both STB initiated marketing activities and consumer marketing activities undertaken with industry partners; Digital marketing - inclusive of online campaigns to consumers and the travel industry. Airline relationships - managing joint marketing agreements with specific airline partners and Media and public relations activities - both trade and consumer media to maximise exposure for Seychelles.

All interested parties are invited consult the STB corporate Website on the following link further information including the pre-qualification notice and relevant tender documents to be submitted for consideration.  

The Seychelles Tourism Board count down to the Seychelles Nature Trail event

The Seychelles Tourism Board and its partners gear up for the first edition of the Seychelles Nature Trail (SNT) event in a Press Briefing at its headquarters at Botanical House, Mont Fleuri this Thursday January 16, 2020.

In line with the STB’s mandate to increase the destination’s visibility, the most recent addition to STB’s calendar of event, will be taking place in May this year on Mahé.

The event aims at propelling the Seychelles’ engagement towards green tourism, enticing visitors to explore the destination’s lush biodiversity and reaches out to sports enthusiasts through the portrayal of Seychelles as a versatile destination and most definitely an ideal sports venue.

With the international event drawing closer, the STB, in close collaboration with the National Sports Council (NSC), hosted partners and press for an update on the latest development on the project.

The STB was represented by its Chief Executive, Mrs. Sherin Francis and her team including Regional Director for Europe, Mrs. Bernadette Willemin and STB representative in Reunion, Ms. Bernadette Honore and Ms. Winnie Eliza and Ms. Mavreen Pouponneau-2 Destination Marketing Executives based at Headquarters-working on the project.

Collaborating on the first project representatives from the Seychelles National Parks Authority, Absa, Cable & Wireless, SeyPearl and SkyChef were also present at this briefing alongside the STB and the NSC.

During her presentation, Mrs. Willemin provided an update in regards to ongoing registration and informed the partners on the active interest of international runners including two prominent French trail celebrities joining the SNT in May.

“We expected good participating numbers to the event as you know one does not have a chance to enjoy beautiful sceneries of paradise every day, we are pleased to announce some 200 international registrations to the event already and we are only in January! We urge our local trail runners to contact the NSC to join the event, which I believe will be a perfect challenge for them as they would measure their strength against international runners,” said Mrs. Willemin.

As a sign of gratitude for their ongoing support, the STB team further presented partners with Seychelles Nature Trail promotional materials artwork, which is currently being worked on for the promotion of the event.

For this first edition, the trail has combined several popular hiking routes, including Mont Le Niol and Congo Rouge area, into a 25km trail, which will finish in the Grand Anse Area.


Seychelles Tourism Minister, Didier Dogley expresses Satisfaction at Seychelles Tourism industry performance for 2019

During his opening address at the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) Marketing Review on Tuesday January 14, 2019 at Eden Blue, Didier Dogley, Minister for Tourism Civil Aviation Ports and marine expresses satisfaction over the constant and gradual increase in numbers of visitors and receipt over the past 5 years

Minister Dogley stated that the latest figures released by Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS) confirmed a provisional increase in revenue for 2019 from the tourism industry amounting to 576.4 million USD equating to a little over 8 Billion Seychelles rupees.

Congratulating the tourism partners present, the Tourism Minister reaffirmed that the success of Seychelles tourism industry is dependent on the collective effort of its stakeholders and partners.

He mentioned that according to tourism counterparts in Mauritius and Maldives, Seychelles considered as the best model in the region and referred to the local policies in place as one of the key contributors to the gradual, continual and sustained growth in both visitor numbers and receipt in revenue.

Minister Dogley further reminded the trade that the Tourism Master Plan-Destination 2023 launched in 2019 provides the guideline to safeguard the destination’s brand and image as an upmarket, selective and pristine tourism destination.

During his speech, he also prompted the assembly that the moratorium has enable the department to revisit and clean up a long list of accommodation projects of over 3000 rooms.

“We now know who the serious investors are and who are not and what measures we need to take to facilitate serious investors and clean up our investment systems. It has also provided room for us to empower Seychellois investors, many of whom have taken the opportunity to invest in small tourism establishments resulting in the majority of rooms being in the hands of locals,” said the Minister.

Minister Dogley mentioned that in 2019, the tourism department licensed 61 new tourism establishments of less than 25 rooms adding 243 additional rooms to the destination’s catalogue.

He also recommended that players in the industry including Ministry of Tourism, the STB, the local trade, DMCs, hotels and airlines join forces to ensure that Seychelles remain a prime destination in the region in terms of visitor’s satisfaction.

“The tourism industry is one that will always thrive if we know how to keep enticing people to visit our beautiful islands. Our pristine environment is critical to our success but one of the persistent challenges we face is that of providing value for money to our tourists. We surely do not need to be reminded that the international tourism arena is a very congested and highly competitive one with tourists now equipped as never before to sniff out the best deals via the plethora of social media and other forums available to them,” said Minister Dogley.


2019 a fruitful year for Seychelles Tourism Industry

The figures speak for themselves; 2019 was a very successful for the Seychelles tourism industry as the country sees a six percent increase in visitor’s arrival according to the latest figures presented by the National Statistics Bureau recently.

The information was communicated to the tourism stakeholders during the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) Marketing Review on Tuesday January 14, 2019 at Eden Blue in the presence of the Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, Mr. Didier Dogley and the Principal Secretary for Tourism Mrs. Anne Lafortune.

The meeting also saw the presence of the Principal Secretary for Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, Mr. Alan Renaud, the Chairperson of SHTA, Mrs. Sybille Cardon and the STB Board members.

The board’s presentation of the quantitative review stated that around 384,204 visitors arrived in the country from January to December 2019 compared to the visitor arrivals of the same period in 2018.

It also presented the leading markets to be Germany with 72,509 visitors, France in second position with 43,297, visitors followed by United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Italy, United Arab Emirates (UAE) counting 29,971, 27,289 and 24,609 visitors respectively and the sixth position, Switzerland with 15,300-recorded arrivals.

Speaking at the meeting, Mrs. Sherin Francis mentioned her satisfaction to see the numbers have exceeded the expectations. She explains that the target set by the tourism board at the beginning of January 2019 was at 4 percent.

“It is very satisfactory to see that the tourism arrival numbers and the receipts remain on the rise showing that the efforts to honour our core mandate are being accomplished. I would like to reiterate my gratitude to our trade in Seychelles and our international partners, as they have been an immense support in helping the destination remain visible while enticing potential visitors,” said Mrs. Francis.

According to the figures presented by the National Statistics Bureau, a general increase of 10 % has been recorded on the European market for the corresponding period in 2018 with an increase of 18 percent for Germany, 14 percent for Switzerland, 12 percent for UK & Northern Ireland, 12 percent for Italy and 9 percent in Russia. The American market also shows a significant increase of 9 percent in 2019.

During her presentation, Mrs. Francis also highlighted that one of the main area of focus for the year 2020 will be increasing the number of visitors in the months of May, June and September. She maintained that even if the figures are satisfactory, there is room for improvement as they are considered as low performance months compared to the rest of the year.

“2020 is a very prominent year for us as a country as we feature in the Dubai 2020 Expo and also celebrating our 250th anniversary as a country, as we market the country to our diverse audiences, we would also concentrate on the extensive promotion of our smaller establishments receiving lower occupancy,” added Mrs. Francis.

As the tourism, arrival figures have been increasing, so have the revenue for the country; according to the latest figures for 2019 a 3 percent growth in terms of income coming from the tourism industry has been recorded, this amounts to 576.4 million USD equating to a little over 8 Billion Seychelles rupees.

Also presented at the STB marketing meeting, on the digital side, the destination’s performance across all platforms on social media has increased by 5.6%, from 392,612 to 414,764 with 222.3% increase in impressions and 31.8% in engagement.