Seychelles Authorities Reviews Visitor’s Travel Advisory

The Seychelles Department of Tourism reviews its Visitor’s Travel Advisory effective Friday, October 2, 2020.

The review follows a proposal of the Tourism Taskforce to provide potential visitors with clearer information regarding the list of countries for which visitors are permitted into Seychelles.

As per the new advisory, all countries allowed to enter Seychelles will be considered permitted countries and have been divided into 2 categories.

Category 1 includes permitted countries from low and medium risk while Category 2 will only consist of countries from the list of seven countries given special status, in the instance that any of these countries progresses to high risk.

Category 2 of permitted countries will be subject to a set of different measures amongst which are COVID PCR test prior to travel should be no more than 48 hours, stay within hotels designated for Category 2 countries and restricted movement for the first 5 days of the stay in Seychelles.

Visitors coming from Category 2 countries will be requested to adhere to all stated procedures in the Visitor’s Travel Advisory and ensure that all requirements are met before arrival, failing which, may result in restriction of entry.

Visitors coming from category 1 countries- deemed as low or medium risks- appearing on the permitted list will not be subject to special conditions imposed for category 2 countries.
Ensuring the safety of visitors and the local population, the Department of Tourism has published a detailed visitor’s travel advisory addressing the conditions for holidaymakers visiting the destination from both category of countries.

A list of authorized accommodations for category 2 permitted countries that is subjected to regular updates by the Tourism Department has also been published for visitors’ information.

To date, 74 tourism establishments have been accredited on that list and work continues in endorsing other tourism establishments, which have expressed interest.
The information can be accessed on the Department of Tourism Website through the following link

Additional measures and procedures set by the Public Health Authority can be viewed under the advisory available on the Tourism Department and Department of Health websites, which will be kept updated.

Seychelles draws nearer to its European visitors.

The Seychelles Islands is now more accessible to European visitors since Sunday, September 27, 2020, with the return of direct flights from Europe to Seychelles.

The Swiss airline, Edelweiss Air, the first European direct commercial flight to land at the Seychelles International airport of Pointe Larue since the destination has reopened for tourism in August 2020.

Edelweiss Air, only European airline serving the destination currently departing from Zurich and scheduled for a weekly Sunday flight, has so far disembarked some 367 visitors in the last 2 weeks.

In the spirit of keeping the destination closer to its European market, Seychelles has made since October 1, 2020, special provision to remain accessible for visitors from seven markets, amongst which six are its European markets.

Which means that should the COVID 19 pandemic deteriorate in those markets, instead of not being permitted to travel to Seychelles, these countries will move to a category 2 of being permitted and additional measures will be applied.

The additional measure includes a 48-hour or less negative PCR COVID-19 test and staying at a hotel permitted for category two countries for the first five days of the stay, whereby movement will be restricted to the hotel property during that period.

For countries part of the seven markets, which still appear on the category 1 permitted list, the standard travel procedures in the new normal will apply.

The Seychelles Tourism Board Chief Executive, Mrs Sherin Francis emphasised how the destination is striving to remain safe and accessible for visitors.

“This quarter has started fairly well for the destination. Although with a bit of restriction, Seychelles will be able to receive visitors from its prime market as of October 1, 2020, and the weekly flight from Zurich is one great advantage for European visitors planning to visit our islands as well. Not mentioning that two of our prime market countries namely; Germany and UK, has exempted Seychelles from their non-essential travel lists,” said Mrs Francis.

The STB Chief Executive further mentioned the STB digital campaign ‘Experience Seychelles; our home, your sanctuary’, which aims to encourage people to travel to the destination combined with the publicity efforts made by the various offices across the world to remain visible to our audience.

Since its reopening to commercial flights in August 2020, Seychelles has been welcoming regular flights from three airlines including Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.

The local authorities and the local tourism business owners are operating with extreme caution to ensure that the destination remains a safe place for visitors.

Seychelles Tourism Board launches a promotional campaign on eDreams in Italy

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) office in Italy has launched a promotional campaign on the prominent online travel agency eDreams on Friday, September 25, 2020.

Talking the beautiful destination closer to its audience, while remaining up-to-date in their approach the STB team in Italy seized the partnering opportunity with the eDreams travel agency to increase visibility amongst travellers surfing the web.

The dedicated campaign, which includes banners on the eDreams homepage and a dedicated microsite to gather all the info and offers available in Seychelles, now incites the curiosity of eDreams users with amazing images of its captivating beaches and sumptuous natural beauty.

Speaking about the initiative, Ms Monette Rose, STB DIRECTOR – Italy, Turkey, Greece, Israel & the Mediterranean stated that the campaign has been launched at an opportune time as it is approaching the time where European tourists make plans for holidays.

“Following the excitement that came with the release of the recent online campaign ‘Experience Seychelles; our home, your sanctuary’ launched by the STB, the team in Italy is building on the momentum to promote the destination further to the Italian Market through this powerful online platform and to help boost the bookings towards the archipelago,” said Ms Rose.

eDreams was founded in 2000 in the Silicon Valley and then moved to Spain to be launched in the Spanish and Italian markets. eDreams is one of Europe's largest online travel agency group, with gross bookings of 3.9 billion euro, and more than 14 million customers worldwide.

The Seychelles islands are open to the Italian visitors and STB and other local stakeholders are putting in place many initiatives to encourage safe travel for visitors as part of the restart of tourism for the destination.


The Seychelles Tourism Board getting closer to potential at Perseverance Secondary School.

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) joined with Perseverance Secondary School in a celebration commemorating World Tourism Day in a one-day exhibition promoting the hospitality industry on Friday, September 25, 2020.

The small fair, hosted by the Perseverance school in collaboration with Hilton Seychelles, also saw the participation of the Seychelles Tourism Academy.

A strong delegation comprising of staff from the STB Headquarters and the Trade and Visitors services attended in the aim of forging young minds for a potential career in tourism.

Delivering an inspiring speech at the event was STB Chief Executive, Mrs Sherin Francis, bringing a hopeful message to the students by emphasising that amidst trying times the potential of the tourism industry.

The STB staff provided information about the destination and the STB as an organisation increasing students’ interest in joining the industry and their inspiration to help towards reviving tourism.

STB Deputy Chief Executive, Ms Jenifer Sinon, was invited by the school to make a presentation to the Secondary students about STB, its functions, mission and how each department work in close collaboration to achieving the company’s goals. Keeping our youth in the loop about what goes on behind the scenes may spark an interest they did not know they possessed.

Also present were some members of STB Team, representing some of the company’s departments, who united to share the joys and beauty of working in such a dynamic and essential industry with the future workforce of Seychelles.

STB representatives included Mr Michel Agrippine, Director of Print and Production; Ms Sylvianne Nicette, Officer in Trade and Visitors services; Ms Christina Cecile, Destination Marketing Executive; and Ms Marie-Julie Stephen Senior PR Officer from the STB News Bureau.

It was apparent by the number of questions that the team’s stories flared a certain passion and interest in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Educating the future generation about the industry’s significance and the bountiful career opportunities waiting to be explored beyond the usual hotel management jobs is a vital step in ensuring the Seychelles Tourism Industry remains in the global limelight.

STB launches the ‘Experience Seychelles; our home, your sanctuary’ campaign

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) launches the second phase of its digital campaign- ‘Experience Seychelles’ this Tuesday, September 22, 2020, during a press conference at the STB Headquarters at Botanical House.

This new phase of the online campaign, dubbed ‘Experience Seychelles; our home, your sanctuary’, was presented to the local press by the STB Chief Executive, Mrs Sherin Francis and Digital Marketing Director Chris Matombe in the presence of STB Deputy Chief Executive Ms. Jenifer Sinon and Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association Chairperson, Mrs. Sybille Cardon.

‘Experience Seychelles; our home, your sanctuary’, which follows the STB digital campaign ‘Dream now, Experience Seychelles Later’ launched in April 2020 and will run across all Seychelles destination platforms managed by STB’s Digital Marketing Team, puts forward the tourism board’s effort to increase the destination collective digital presence.

Amidst times of uncertainty, the ‘Experience Seychelles; our home, your sanctuary’ campaign gives travellers worldwide hope and prospect to escape harsh realities they are currently facing by calling them to submerge themselves in the natural allure of this pristine paradise.

During the press conference, Mrs. Francis stated that the timing for the release of the campaign, which invites potential visitors that our beautiful destination, has been chosen purposely as it is focusing on a long-term visibility strategy to reboot travel in our small destination.

“Experience Seychelles; our home, your sanctuary’ is paving the way for the destination to present our various markets and segments with other marketing initiatives to come. We are aware that in these uncertain times and in a competitive environment, the conversion of this campaign to actual sales of holidays will not be immediate this is why we feel it is important for us to remain visible to our potential clients,” said the STB Chief Executive.

Additionally, the campaign is actively engaging the Tourism trade to join STB in the campaign in promoting the destination to potential visitors through content creation and using the # ExperienceSeychelles to share exclusive stories and experiences of visitors who have used their services.

Once again putting the destination in the international limelight by allowing local partners to create as much content as possible, the STB will be continuously adding new video and images to its media library that may be used by all partners as part of this campaign and any new marketing activities.

Concluding, the STB Chief Executive commented on the importance of this campaign for the visibility of the destination. She mentions that the increased digital marketing efforts are essential to keeping in touch with our audiences across the globe, reminding them that our shores are open to them and provide them with an escape from the burden and fears resulting from these trying times.

“After much preparation with the help of our government and local industry partners, we have seen that the destination is ready to welcome visitors to our islands. Whilst the campaign’s main aim is to remind visitors that there is a secluded paradise awaiting their arrival, it also highlights the safety measures and procedures taken by tourism establishments to ensure travellers can experience Seychelles without worries,” said Mrs Francis.

After intensive preparations, the Seychelles Islands have been welcoming tourists back on its shores since June 1, 2020, through chartered and private flights and officially reopened to scheduled flights as of August 1, 2020, which resulted in the restart of tourism.

Seychelles showcased in September issue of Asia Family Traveller magazine

Captivating readers of the Asia Family Traveller magazine by its pristine beauty, Seychelles is featured in its September/October 2020 issue placing the archipelago in the limelight on the Asian market.

Magazine Editor, Carolynne Dear’s article entices readers to discover the destination’s alluring features, from the rich flora and fauna to the pearly-white beaches and its crystal-clear waters, through mesmerising images and inspirational ideas for memorable family adventures.

Addressing the destination’s reopening for tourism in much detail, the current edition of the Asia Family Traveller magazine provides an insight on the important safety measures taken by the local industry partners for the safety of both residents and visitors.

Speaking about the importance of the destination’s visibility in a time where travel is restarting for the small island nation, the Seychelles Tourism Board Chief Executive Mrs Sherin Francis mentions that the aim of the board is to remain accessible and close to its audience.

“It’s important that we keep ourselves visible even when people cannot travel, the dream forms a crucial part of the travel process”

Available through the digital magazine platform, Press Reader, and bookstores across Hong Kong and Singapore, Asia Family Traveller Magazine is one of the most popular travel magazines on the Asian market specialising in family travel.

The island destination has always been seen as the perfect family location, giving people the opportunity to reconnect with one another and share unique experiences, creating memories that last a lifetime. Lately, this need to reconnect has become paramount as people have come to recognise the value of cherishing every moment with loved ones.

Enriching the destination’s visibility and receiving exposure of up to 28 million people worldwide, Seychelles also featured on the TRAVELZOO Top 20 in August 2020 where the Hilton Double Tree Allamanda was named one of the most beautiful places for an exotic, luxury holiday.