Seychelles Tourism Board staff movement for 2020

The Seychelles Tourism Board’s Management and Board would like to inform all its partners and stakeholders of the following staff movement to be effective January 1, 2020.

In line with the STB’s mandate to promote the destination and in views of increasing the effectiveness of its operations, the following overseas rotations and appointments are to be noted;

Mrs. Lena Hoareau will be stationed in the STB Office in Paris, as the new director for Russia, CIS & Eastern European markets, Mrs. Hoareau moves from the STB office in South Africa where she has been in post since July 2015.

Moving to STB Office based UK; Ms. Karen Confait will replace Ms. Christine Vel, for the UK, Ireland and Scandinavian markets while Ms. Vel will be taking on the South Africa and Other Africa markets after being posted in the UK for the past 2 years.

Effective April 2020, the STB office in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will see the departure of its current Director Mrs. Edith Hunzinger, who is retiring from her 12-years position on that market. Mrs. Hunzinger will be replaced by Ms. Josephine Damrow as Director for the German and Austrian markets and Ms. Judeline Edmond for the Swiss Market.

Ms. Judeline Edmond has been appointed as Director for Switzerland will be based in the STB Paris office. Ms. Edmond’s was formerly a Sales and Marketing Manager at Crown and Champa Resorts in Maldives.  

Ending her service with the STB, Ms. Aliette Esther will be leaving the position she has been occupying for the past 8 years as the Tourism Attaché at the STB Abu Dhabi office. The Abu Dhabi territory will now be added to the Middle East portfolio overseen by Ms. Stephanie Lablache based at the STB Headquarters in Seychelles.


Seychelles Tourism Board Partners with Esquire Middle East Awards to Celebrate the Industry’s Best

In line with its marketing strategy to increase the destination’s visibility, the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) collaborated with ITP’s Esquire Middle East, the leading men’s magazine in the Middle East, for their ninth annual Esquire Award held at the One & Only Royal Mirage’s Arabian Court in Dubai.

The STB Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Sherin Francis, and STB Representative based in Dubai, Mr. Ahmed Fathallah attended the award, which is a celebration of the outstanding achievements of men and women across the Middle East over the past year.

The One & Only Royal Mirage’s Arabian Court provided a magnificent ambience and picturesque views for the event, from the photo ops, to the center stage, and to the dinner, which successfully added a glamourous factor to the event.

Observed as one of the most stylish awards night of the Arab region, the ceremony was filled with star-studded award winners, and for sure, some of very prestigious invitees on the Middle East region.

“As the GCC region continuously provides positive reception to Seychelles as a destination, it was only natural for us to come onboard this project, which not only supports the region in their endeavors for expanding their horizons but also provides a center-stage for our holiday paradise. Events like this prove and celebrate that as time goes by, the region starts to be more well-known and flourish for the creative potential of Arab creators, visionaries and innovators – which opens doors for more collaborations in the future and of course more exposure,” mentioned Mr. Fathallah, who worked closely with the event organisers.

The STB Representative in Dubai Ahmed Fathallah was given the honour to present three of the prestige Esquire awards, namely the ‘Humanitarian Award’ to Kashif Siddiqi and Bacary Sagna, ‘Comedian of the Year’ to Ahmed Helmy, and Comeback of the Year to Anthony ‘The Mooch’ Scaramucci.

The Esquire Middle East Awards event, acknowledges the brilliance of creative talents in art, film, music, fashion, and literature in the region, as well as the new comers in the said fields.

With the fantastic food and drinks from the One & Only Royal Mirage, and the great music and atmosphere, the attendees agreed it was a wonderful night to never forget.

The Seychelles Tourism Board brings island paradise to Turkey’s Travel Trade Fair.

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) was present at the 13th edition of the Travel Turkey Izmir Tourism Fair, one of the most significant tourism fairs in Turkey, Fuarizmir, on November 5, 2019.

Alongside numerous global tourism players, the STB was represented by its Director for Italy, Turkey, Israel and the Mediterranean,Mrs. Monette Rose and Marketing Executive and Ms. Gretel Banane, showcasing the attractions and services the archipelago has to offer its visitors.

In line with its marketing strategy to increase the destination’s visibility, the STB’s participation to the Travel Turkey Izmir Tourism Fair provided an ideal occasion to meet the potential holidaymakers in Turkey and to showcase Seychelles as a unique holiday destination.

This year’s fair featured the idea of “Alternative Tourism”, focusing on tourism activities such as water sports, rafting, underwater, culture-arts, nature-adventure. This trendy concept encourages tourists to interact with the local environment and communities, making holidays more personal and authentic. With its vibrant culture and unique aspects to offer visitors, alternative tourism is the ideal concept for the Seychelles.

Additionally, the fair successfully provided the platform for the Island to receive exposure, with the Seychelles stand sparking vast interest. Additionally, the audience, consisting of Turkish trade and the general public, gained more knowledge on the destination through a stage presentation.

The international event also gave the STB team the opportunity to extend their knowledge of the Turkish market on matters such as trends and recent developments.

Speaking after the event, the STB Director for Italy, Turkey, Israel and the Mediterranean,Mrs. Monette Rose commented that the event was a successful one for STB, as it gave the destination a boost on the market.

‘Turkey has a great potential, especially because there is a direct flight by Turkish Airlines and Seychelles can definitely plan a more expansive presence on this market’ said Monette Rose, ‘It is the first time we attend this travel fair in the touristic region of Izmir and it was a great success’.

Seychelles Tourism Board strengthens relationship with its partners in Singapore

Partners on the Singapore market met with the designated Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) representative for their region for a series of meetings earlier in December.

The sales call conducted by Mrs. Amia Jovanovic- Desir, the Director for India, Australia and for South Asia, is in line with the STB’s marketing strategy to increase the destination’s visibility through the training of partners.

Mrs. Jovanovic- Desir met with several tour operators on the market including representatives from Fuzzie Pte Ltd, Zipan Resort Travel Pte Ltd, Fascinating Holidays Pte Ltd, UOB Travel and Luxury Retreats and carried an extensive series of meetings and destination training sessions to better equip to sell Seychelles to their clients.

Speaking of her work mission in Singapore, the Director for India, Australia and South Asia mentioned that she is very happy to have had the opportunity to showcase Seychelles as the ultimate tourist destination everyone must encounter in a lifetime.

“This visit to the Singaporean partners is so we remain consistent with our strategic approach to continuously train our partnering agents and to keep Seychelles visible on the different markets, thus positioning it both in the mind of the consumers and trade,” said Mrs. Jovanovic- Desir.

To conclude the training sessions participants received Seychelles destination brochures, materials, which contain information about the 115- islands paradise and a special Seychelles local/branded gifts as a souvenir.

During her time in Singapore, the STB Director for India, Australia and South Asia had the opportunity to be introduced with Mr. Hanif Nomanbhoy, the newly appointed Honorary Consul of Seychelles in Singapore.

The meeting was the perfect occasion to initiate discussions on future joint collaboration between the STB and the office of the Honorary Consul in Singapore to increase destination awareness to both the tourism trade, consumers and media, about the uniqueness of Seychelles in Singapore.

Mrs. Amia Jovanovic- Desir also met with Ms. Alis Shehdek, the Senior Sales Executive of/ GSA for Srilankan Airlines LTD and Ms Crystal Sim, the CEO of Albatross World Travel and Tours Pte, who was recently in Seychelles on an educational trip familiarisation.

With the growing interest for unspoilt nature based destination and the demand from the diverse market segments, Seychelles will slowly increase its market share from the Singaporean market, added Jovanovic-Desir.

Fighting to preserve the “Wonders of the Ocean”.

In a recent press call in the UK, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism, Ports and Marine, Mr. Didier Dogley and the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) Chief Executive, Mrs. Sherin Francis reiterated the Seychelles’ commitment to fighting climate change.

Walking the talk on its shores and reminding its local and international stakeholders of the devastating effects of global warming, the Seychelles Tourism Board in collaboration with various partners organised another successful edition of the Seychelles Ocean Festival celebrating the “Wonders of the Ocean”.

The festivities celebrated during the weekend of November 22, 2019 concluded at Beau Vallon Beach on Sunday November 24, 2019 carried various activities revolving around our ocean and its fragile beauty, whilst raising the awareness and importance of its conservation.

Through a series of activities, the Seychelles Ocean Festival gave the public the opportunity to reflect on the harm perpetrated on the ocean and its various actions being done to alleviate its side effects for future generations.
From the screening of two short videos at the launching ceremony featuring the Aldabra clean-up project, “Island under siege”, through the experience of Seychelles Island Foundation’s representative Mr. Jeremy Raguain and the presentation of the Nekton Mission, and a testimonial by one of their representatives, Ms. Sheena Talma.

To the Raft Race for Charity, organised by Seychelles National Parks Authority and Global Vision International in collaboration with STB, took place at Cap Ternay beach where some 20 rafts from various organisations competed against one another.

The main sensitization, with the presence of several NGOs and agencies showcasing their causes and sustainable efforts, was on Sunday during the Fun day, focussed on educating the public on how they can contribute to the conservation of the ocean and interacting with them through games and quizzes.

The NGOs present included Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation, Parley for the ocean, Belliche, Nature Seychelles, Global Vision International, Green Islands Foundation and Blue Finance. Other agencies included Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment and Blue Economy. Interviews with these NGOs, agencies, and CEOs were broadcasted live with K-Radio as part of a public awareness campaign, spreading the conservation cause and the roles of the organisations present.

The Festival concluded with a prize-giving ceremony on Monday 25th at Seychelles Institute for Teacher’s Education, for the SOF Art and Creative Writing Competition which involved participation from primary and secondary schools all over the Island.

In the age of climate change, raising awareness about the importance of our delicate marine life and its preservation has become more crucial, and the Seychelles Ocean Festival provides the perfect platform to achieve this.

Seychelles Tourism Board joins forces with Turkish Airlines in Montreal, Canada

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) alongside its partner Turkish Airlines brought some sunshine from Seychelles to a group of tourism professionals in Montreal, Canada in November 2019 through a joint marketing initiative.

The destination training and product awareness sessions, which took place at the Turkish Airlines head office in Montreal were held for two consecutive days, on Thursday November 28, and Friday November 29, and saw the participation of 36 tourism professionals from the cities of Montreal and Quebec respectively.

The session provided an opportunity for the participants to learn more about Seychelles as a destination and the various offers available for travellers through the Turkish service provider network including Turkish Airlines, and Turkish DMC, Turkish Concepts.

Mr. David Germain, STB Regional Director for Africa and the Americas, was present in Montreal for the event to represent the destination. Whilst on the Turkish Airlines side Mr. Ibrahim Hakki UNAL, the Sales & Marketing Manager of Turkish Arline’s in Montreal, and Ms. Maryam Rezaie, the airlines marketing representative represented the company.

Mrs. Duygu Kuskulu, the Managing Director of Turkish DMC, Turkish Concepts, was also present and gave a destination presentation about Turkey and the services of Crystal Concepts.

As part of the joint efforts, updated destination information about Seychelles and Turkey were provided to the participants, as well as the flight schedule available with Turkish Airlines for travelers from Montreal, Canada, to Turkey and thereafter to the Seychelles.

Speaking about the collaboration with Turkish Airlines, Mr. Germain mentioned that the airline proves to be a valuable and key airline partner for Seychelles, serving the archipelago from its hub in Istanbul three times a week.

“Such joint marketing collaboration and partnership are essential, a collective marketing initiative with potential of increasing the attractiveness of Turkey and Seychelles in the marketplace. A combined (two countries) package option, as a “choice” holiday destination for the Canadian Traveler” said Mr. Germain.

He further mentioned that the project executed with the collaboration with Turkish Airlines is in line with the STB’s mandate to promote the destination and increase visibility for the destination.

Some Montreal and Quebec based Canadian Tourism professionals will have the chance to visit Turkey and Seychelles in 2020, as participants in agent’s familiarization visits being organized jointly by the Seychelles Tourism Board, Crystal Concepts and Turkish Airlines.

The project also promotes the creation of packages for the Canadian travelers to consider exploring two countries as one holiday option, which will consist of visiting Turkey and Seychelles, with Turkish Airlines as the airline carrier.

Seychelles continue to obtain a consistent increase in yearly visitor arrivals to the archipelago from North America, with an 8% increase in arrivals, as of October this year, compared to same time last year.