Travel Trade Professionals from the city of Saint Gilles in Reunion trained to be Seychelles expert

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) maintains its commitment to educate trade partners about the destination as the team conducted a two-day destination Training in the city of Saint Gilles in Réunion to train Travel Trade professionals to become certified smart agents.

The Seychelles smart Certification programme is designed to help travel trade professionals to become specialists of the destination- ensuring that potential visitors receive the full Seychelles exposure from very first point of contact.  

The programme requires the participants to complete a comprehensive training session about Seychelles Island, following which they have a period of one year to sell three Seychelles holiday packages.

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Four countries, 4 days, 1 destination: Seychelles Eastern European Roadshow 2019

On May 27, 2019, the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) set off for its annual Seychelles Dedicated Roadshow in Central and Eastern Europe.

The event lasted for 4 days during which representatives of hotels and DMC companies from the Seychelles Islands had an opportunity to meet potential trade partners in 4 countries including Poland (Warsaw), Czech Republic (Prague), Slovakia (Bratislava), and Hungary (Budapest).

The events organized by the STB aimed at reinforcing the presence and image of the destination as well as providing a refined business platform for partners to meet with the leading tour operators and agents in these four countries.  

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Seychelles Trade Partners Up-To-Date-With-New European-Regulations

Seychelles Trade Partners Up-To-Date With New European Regulations

Mr. Julian Grupp, CEO of Seyvillas, facilitated the workshop, which aim at keeping the tourism professional abreast of the new practices on the European markets and was held on Tuesday June 11, 2019 at Eden Bleu Hotel.

The workshop-a premier on the Island- has been organised by the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) and saw the presence of the Principal Secretary for Tourism- Mrs. Anne Lafortune and Mrs. Sherin Francis, STB Chief Executive.

The event offer received a very positive response with 125 participants registering for participation from the tourism trade industry including professionals from hotel establishments and Destination Management Companies.

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Seychelles Highlighted Reunion Senior Consumer Tradefairs

Seychelles Highlighted in Reunion Senior Consumer Trade fairs

The destination was featured in Reunions’ 3rd edition of the distinguished Senior’ Trade fairs held in Reunion between May 31 to June 2, 2019.

The Seychelles Tourism Board’s (STB) participation to the 3-days consumer event focused on reinforcing Seychelles as a leisure destination for group travellers.  The event, which regrouped over 100 exhibitors including service-providing experts in leisure, travel and technologies under one roof, is viewed as the fundamental event in Reunion

The ‘Senior Trade fair’, is designed for group travellers -50 and above-remains an opportunity for the STB to make its presence significant in increasing the number of tourism arrivals from the Reunion territory.

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SeychellesTourismBoardTeam visitedTradePartners Scandinavia

Seychelles Tourism Board Team visited Trade Partners in Scandinavia

Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) head of the company, Mrs. Sherin Francis and Key STB representatives on the European market visited trade partners in Northern Europe in May this year.

A ‘premiere’ for the STB team as they approached top players during a series of trade events in the Scandinavian Travel Trade outbound industry and media in the three capital cities, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo.

In each city, the format was welcome networking session, round table discussions followed by a three-course dinner. Only our main Tour Operating partners were invited and about 15 to 20 attended per city.

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Seychelles efforts for sustainable destination forefront

Seychelles efforts for a sustainable destination in the forefront

The destination joins the rest of the world to celebrate world environment day, a time us to reflect on sustainable tourism and how Seychelles as a destination is actively advocating for natural conservation.

As Seychelles took home the award for the Indian Ocean’s Leading Sustainable Tourism Destination 2019 at the 26th Edition of the World Travel Awards (WTA) held at the Sugar Beach- A Sun Resort in Mauritius on Saturday June 1, 2019.

Seychelles is one of those countries on the planet that is most reliant on tourism and fully realise the need to behave in such a way that its many resources are not squandered over the short term, but rather, used wisely so that they remain available for future generations of Seychellois.

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