Seychelles stars in German TV Show ‘The Dream Ship’

Sailing large, the German series ‘Dream Ship’ hit the Indian Ocean destination, as the Seychelles Islands was featured on the popular German TV Show, ‘Das Traumschiff’ as it is known in its native country, earlier this month.  

Debuted in 1981, the German television series became one of the most-watched TV shows in the country, following the MS Amadea as it sails on its journey to explore renowned tourist destinations across the globe. 

The Seychelles featuring on the ‘Dream Ship’ was a project that was initiated by the Seychelles Tourism Boards’ (STB) former Director on the German marketMrs Edith Hunzingerin 2019 before the pandemic.

The Seychelles episode teleported viewers across crystal clear waters onto pearly beaches surrounded by lush vegetation and towering boulders. Several islands were also depicted, such as La Digue Island's rustic charms and the exclusive Desroches Island with its secluded beaches lined with coconut trees. 

From their homes, viewers also discovered the vibrant wildlife found from the depths of the Seychelles seas to its mountains as well as the archipelago’s endemic ‘Coco de Mer’, the largest nut in the world. 

The show’s combination of an intriguing storyline and an alluring destination gave audiences the chance to dream of escaping to this sensational sanctuary. With Germany as one of Seychelles’ key market, the extensive coverage of the islands’ pristine beauty served as a reminder to the German people that ‘Another World’ is within their reach.  

Rating points on the ‘The Dream Ship’ episodes gives an indication that Seychelles would have received considerable exposure during the broadcast.  Estimating the numbers to approximately 6.56 million viewers on ZDF, a German public-service television broadcaster based on reports of the ‘The Dream Ship’ episode, aired around that same period of the year. 

Speaking of the exposure received, Mrs Francis Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) Chief Executive stated, “Being featured on such a well-known show is very much a privilege for our small destination. We are glad that the splendors of the Seychelles islands have been able to reach our German friends to remind them that paradise is just a flight away,” said Mrs Francis. 

The small island nation has gradually been welcoming back tourists since August 1, 2020, and is continuously reinforcing its safety measures and procedures to ensure the safety of both visitors and locals. The country’s latest step towards recovery involves the administration of the vaccine to the locals, which will contribute to the safety of the destination.   

In January 2021, Seychelles has announced opening its shores to vaccinated visitors around the world and has reviewed its safety guidelines. Seychelles will be opening up to the world by mid-March as by then the country would have met its target for 70% of its adult population to have been administered the full dose of the vaccine.