Seychelles Wonders brought to Switzerland yet again!

Beginning on a grand note, Seychelles Islands shows off its wonders in Switzerland, as the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) launches a two-week advertising campaign in the European nation- a second phase to the publicity campaign, which started in October 2020 on the market.  

Beautiful Seychelles sceneries are being displayed on billboards and posters across several Swiss cities as a constant reminder to potential visitors that Seychelles remains one of the best sanctuaries perfect to beat the winter blues. 

The campaign, which takes its inspiration from the STB 2020 digital campaign “Experience Seychelles, Our Home Your Sanctuary”, started on January 11, 2021, and is an excellent opportunity for the destination to bring closer to the Swiss people a plethora of breath-taking images of beautiful Seychelles.  

Through the images placed in railway stations across Zurich, Bellinzone, Lugano and Lausanne including some hundred more posters in the buses and tramways in Geneva, the campaign is aimed to reach around 4,336,000 persons per week.  

Speaking of the campaign, the STB Director for Switzerland Judeline Edmond mentioned that analysis of trends on the Swiss market shows that the desire for travels has not been affected by the pandemic.  

She further stated STB’s endeavour to reinforce the destination’s visibility on the market and strengthening its efforts to keep the destination in the visitors’ mind.  

With the start of vaccination campaigns in Switzerland and Seychelles, the campaign comes at an opportune time as travel confidence start to builds up and visitors are looking forward to a perfect getaway destination after the long wait in their homes. 

“Starting the project in October last year, we thought it would be perfect for us to extend it in January as well to maximise its impact. The Holiday seasons are over in Switzerland and everyone is back to their normal activities, so this is the ideal time to reach out to the potential visitors and get them to dream by showing  them what they are missing while they are trying keep warm in the cold,” said Judeline Edmond, STB Director for Switzerland.   

Switzerland has been one of Seychelles’ top four markets since the reopening of the Seychelles International Airport on August 1, 2020 with 1,929 passengers from the re-opening until the end of December 2020.   

Seychelles is also currently running its one-year tram campaign in Zurich with Manta Reisen, which started at the beginning of September 2020. 

These publicity activities support the other promotional initiatives, which STB has been undertaking in this market to promote the destination.