Seychelles Tourism Board appoints BRANDit as India Representative

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) appoints BRANDit as its official representative in India. Nominated to be the face of the beautiful 115-island destination in the Indian subcontinent, the BRANDit team will be handling marketing, sales and Public Relations under the guidance of the STB Headquarters.  

 Sherin Francis, STB Chief Executive stated that a presence on the market is of great importance, as India remains one a key source market for Seychelles. She further mentioned that the new collaboration as a great start to 2021 for the STB.    

“There has been much work done on the Indian market, we are satisfied with how the destination has established itself as one of the best in the world and we aim to keep the momentum. We look forward to working with the BRANDit team to lead our marketing and communication efforts in India. India is a promising market and its ever-evolving dynamic nature has always made it an exciting playing field for our outbound marketing efforts. Seychelles will serve as a haven and an exotic getaway for the pent-up travel demand among Indian travellers. Despite a challenging 2020, we are positive to emerge through this phase stronger and better," said Mrs Francis.  

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Seychelles Wonders brought to Switzerland yet again!

Beginning on a grand note, Seychelles Islands shows off its wonders in Switzerland, as the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) launches a two-week advertising campaign in the European nation- a second phase to the publicity campaign, which started in October 2020 on the market.  

Beautiful Seychelles sceneries are being displayed on billboards and posters across several Swiss cities as a constant reminder to potential visitors that Seychelles remains one of the best sanctuaries perfect to beat the winter blues. 

The campaign, which takes its inspiration from the STB 2020 digital campaign “Experience Seychelles, Our Home Your Sanctuary”, started on January 11, 2021, and is an excellent opportunity for the destination to bring closer to the Swiss people a plethora of breath-taking images of beautiful Seychelles.  

Through the images placed in railway stations across Zurich, Bellinzone, Lugano and Lausanne including some hundred more posters in the buses and tramways in Geneva, the campaign is aimed to reach around 4,336,000 persons per week.  

Speaking of the campaign, the STB Director for Switzerland Judeline Edmond mentioned that analysis of trends on the Swiss market shows that the desire for travels has not been affected by the pandemic.  

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Seychelles Makes Itself More Accessible for Visitors

The Indian ocean archipelago reviews its entry requirements procedures so as to be more accessible for potential visitors as part of the restart of its tourism activities for 2021 and beyond. The new measures are to be implemented in two phases.

The news, much anticipated by the tourism industry, was announced by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Mr Sylvestre Radegonde during a joint press brief with his counterpart from the Health Ministry, Mrs Peggy Vidot on Thursday, January 14, 2021. 

The review follows the recent launch of the immunisation campaign in the small island nation. The campaign expected to have just under three quarters of the local adult population vaccinated by mid- March 2021. 

With immediate effect, Seychelles will be welcoming vaccinated visitors from any part of the world.

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National COVID-19 Immunisation Campaign begins in Seychelles

Seychelles, one of the top tourist destinations for travellers, leaps towards immunization as the country launched its national COVID-19 Immunization Campaign on Sunday, January 10, 2021.


Being the first country in Africa to start a COVID-19 national vaccination program, Seychelles aims to be the first country in the world to vaccinate 70% of the over 18 years of age population in order to achieve herd immunity.


Leading by example, is the President of the Republic of Seychelles, H E Wavel Ramkalawan, as he takes the SinoPharm COVID-19 Vaccine, making him the first Head of State in Africa to take the first jab.   


The campaign launch, held at the Seychelles Hospital started on a high note as about a hundred people including leaders, health workers, media personalities received their first shot of the SinoPharm COVID-19 showing their support towards the country’s immunization efforts.   


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Ammended - The Seychelles Tourism Board Announces Restructuring in its Operations

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) announces various changes to its overseas operation given the ongoing pandemic and its economic impact on the country. 

On the Chinese market, the STB offices in Hong Kong and Beijing will no longer be in operations in these two cities and its activities will be conducted from the STB office in Shanghai.

In Europe, as of March 2020, the STB office in France will move from its current location to the premises housing Seychelles’ Embassy. Furthermore, the STB office in Italy will close following the retirement of the Director for Italy, Turkey, Israel and the Mediterranean, Mrs Monette Rose as of 1 January 2021. Henceforth, STB will be represented by a Rome-based PR and Destination Representation Company, ITA Strategy srl- headed by Ms Danielle Di Gianvito.

 With more than 25 years of experience, Ms Danielle Di Gianvito has a strong background in the travel industry; she has worked with airlines and several international Tourism Board on the Italian and Spanish markets. To ensure continuity and maintain an authentic link with the Seychelles islands, Mrs Yasmine Pocetti - former STB Marketing Executive will also join the team at ITA Strategy srl and she will be working on the Seychelles account. 

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Erratum The Seychelles International Airport will remain open for visitors.

As part of the new measures enforced and effective immediately, visitors already in Seychelles will be required to remain in one accommodation establishment for the first ten days of their stay in the destination and this measure extends to all new visitors entering Seychelles as of Sunday, January 3, 2020

No transfer of accommodation will be permitted until the completion of the first 10 days of stay in one establishment. 

Stand-alone restaurants will be closed, restaurants within hotels and guest houses will remain open for their guests only. Other communal area recreational services within hotel premises including bars, swimming pools, spas and Kid’s club will also not be operational.  

Inter-island travels are strongly discouraged.  

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