About Us


The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), a public/private sector body headed by Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Sherin Francis, with Mrs. Kathleen Mason as Chairperson, is responsible for the promotion and marketing of the Seychelles islands as the preferred tourist destination.


The Seychelles Tourism Board was established on the 1st April 2005 when the Seychelles Tourism Board Act, 2005, came into force.  The act established the STB as a body corporate whose duties and functions was at the time an amalgamation of that of the former Ministry of Tourism and Transport and those of the former Seychelles Tourism Marketing Authority (STMA).  The Act brought together all policy formulations, standards, regulatory and monitoring functions of the Tourism Department, Ministry of Tourism and Transport, and all promotional and marketing activities of the now defunct Seychelles Tourism Marketing Authority.  Initially, the policy and international cooperation functions were retained within the vice-president’s office which held the portfolio responsibility for tourism prior to transferring those functions to STB.

In 2013, the STB was restructured, with the policy and regulatory functions transferred to the Tourism Department of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and STB retaining the primary function of marketing of the destination.


The following are the statutory functions of the Seychelles Tourism Board as per its Act:

  • to promote the efficient and sustainable development of tourism and to enhance its contribution to the national economy
  • to advise and assist the government in the development of infrastructures supporting the tourism industry
  • to encourage the provision and improvement of amenities and facilities needed for the better enjoyment of Seychelles as a tourist destination
  • to carry out market research and design and implement marketing strategies for the effective promotion of tourism
  • to promote domestic tourism
  • to promote cultural and eco-tourism
  • to do other things that will contribute to the advancement of the tourism industry.