The Seychelles Tourism Board Announces Restructuration in its Operations

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) announces various alterations in its operations effective immediately, given the ongoing pandemic and its economic impact on the country. 

On the Chinese market, the STB offices in Hong Kong and Beijing will no longer be in activity in the two cities and operations will be conducted from STB office in Shanghai. 

In Europe, changing location the STB office in France will move to the premises housing the Seychelles’ Embassy
 by March. 

Furthermore, the STB sees the closing of its Italy office as Director for Italy, Turkey, Israel and the Mediterranean Mrs Monette Rose retired as of 1 January 2021. STB will be represented henceforth by a Rome-based PR and Destination Representation Company, ITA Strategy srl- headed by Ms Danielle Di Gianvito.



With more than 25 years of experience, Ms Danielle Di Gianvito has a strong background in the travel industry; she has worked with airlines and several international Tourism Board on the Italian and Spanish markets. Keeping a sense of continuity and a more authentic link with Seychelles island, Mrs Yasmine Pocetti - former STB Marketing Executive will also join the team at ITA Strategy srl working on the Seychelles account. 

Finally, in Europe the STB office in the UK cease physical operations and same will be applicable to the STB office in South Africa, both offices closing by end of February.

Among the noticeable changes being implemented is the recall of some of the staff posted overseas to the STB Headquarters where they will be continuing their operations, this include the Director for Russia, CIS & Eastern Europe, Director for UK, Ireland and Scandinavia and the Director for South Africa. 

Speaking about the changes in operations, Mrs Sherin Francis, STB Chief Executive stated that the decisions have taken a focus on cost reduction but at the same time retention of the team.

“These are difficult times for the industry and the changes were unavoidable. We have to find creative ways to maintain our operation and operate at minimal cost.

We are also mindful that now more than ever, we have to make sure that remain more even strategic and targeted and stay focus on our mandate," said Mrs Francis. 

In late November, Mrs Francis addressed a long communication to all STB Staff and collaborators explaining the very difficult predicaments the organisation is facing.

“The measures to be applied are to ensure that firstly STB can get through the year, but at the same time maintaining as much of its meagre resources; both human and financial for the eventual recovery of the country. The uncertainties that lie ahead of us require as much planning and foresight while we acknowledge we are in a time we have little information or data that can guide us through. To coin a gentler metaphor, normally, the purpose of a fiscal rigour is to prepare us for a rainy day. Besides, I think we can all agree that that proverbial rain is already falling today and falling hard. Failing to buy an umbrella, when it is raining and when you can still afford one, is not prudent. It is foolish,” said the STB CEO

Mrs Francis also mentioned her gratitude to her team locally and overseas for their immense support and continued commitment in these difficult times. She encouraged everyone to not be discouraged and to look forward to sunnier days ahead!